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Friends, today this era is going on for Gmail Login. Today, with your cleverness, you are going to know some special knowledge inside this post. You will be curious to know and under this you had gmail account login and related like mail, create, send etc.

We will continue to tell you every update in the context of Gmail. You should try to know our each and every topic like login mail or create account.

Gmail Login & Mail

gmail login mail, gmail.com

So now we tell you to start the process of login Gmail account.

What Is Gmail Account

Gmail is a free mail facility operated by Google Company. You don’t have to pay any price for it. It plays a vital role in mailing you this and participating in other digital services. You will need a Gmail account for mail.

How To Login Gmail Account

First of all you have to make sure that you want to gmail login in mobile device or computer laptop device.

How To Login Gmail Account in Mobile Device

1. First of all you have to keep in mind your Gmail and Password.
2. There will be an application of Gmail in your mobile.
3. To open Gmail account through Google in your mobile.
4. Gmail application has to be opened.
5. When you open the Gmail application, you enter your Gmail ID account password in it.
6. With the Gmail account and password given by you, the Gmail account will be logged in your mobile.
7. If 2 Step Verification is enabled in your Gmail, then in this case you will get OTP or Call OTP on the mobile number.
8. Now you can use your Gmail account and view mail in your device. is ready.

How to Login Gmail Account in Computer or Laptop Device

1. You have to open any browser in computer or laptop device. like chrome browser
2. Now have to come to the website of www.gmail.com
3. Here you have to enter your Gmail account password.
4. As you will enter the ID password. Your Gmail account is ready to mail, view mail.
5. If 2 Step Verification is enabled in your Google Gmail, then you enter OTP. Then Gmail is ready.

Above you know how to do your Gmail login and mail related. It is a matter of time when you have gmail and password. But if you do not have a Gmail account and want to create one. So you keep following our next step.

How To Create Gmail Account

In order to create your Gmail account, you have to first follow some steps to know this information.

1. Open your browser.
2. Go to the website of Google’s https://www.gmail.com.
3. You have to go to create account on it.
4. Some things have to be recorded about yourself. Like fast name, last name, age and gmail user.
5. After selecting all the steps you will have to create your password at last.
6. You should always remember the Gmail and Password in the Gmail account. However you can get it again.
7. Your Gmail will be created. You follow the above steps to login and use it.

What is the use of Gmail Account

There are many uses under Gmail, which we are going to tell you below.
1. Your Gmail is useful for Google’s services to you.
2. Google Gmail while shopping or elsewhere
3. Gmail is necessary in a government job.
4. Instantly send Gmail to someone else.
5. You need to have a Gmail account on the Internet.
6. Gmail is a must in digital technology.

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