Google Classroom Login | SIGN IN

Google Classroom – This is a Google online portal, which provides us free web services, they provide us online assignments and notes. And using this technology, teachers of any school or colleges can make Online Assignment and notes for their students by sitting at home. And by sharing them among students, you can also give them for doing home work or homework, because these are web services to do a paperless study.

In today’s time, schools and institutes are using it very fast, because by using it, teachers can save their writing time and maintain the level of environment of studies in class. With which students can improve teacher’s communication skills, and make paperless assignments available to their students, and can improve their grading system even more.

Google Classroom Login | SIGN IN

What is Google Classroom, how does it work?

Google classroom as you may have known by its name, that it is a platform related to some kind of online classes. With the help of google classroom, teachers can interact with their students from online medium. And they can give their subjects related homework, and assignments can also be given to them. It is a very important platform for online classes. Because if you do online classes through video conferencing apps at the time of lockdown.

So there you can only teach. But you cannot give tasks like assignment and question answers. But if you take class of your students using Google classroom, then here you can ask any kind of question from them. And assign to make assignments as well. Along with this, you can also set due time here. And along with this, if a student submits late homework from his time, then you also get to know his address easily.

Google Classroom – Login | SIGN IN
Its working process is very easy. All you need to do is login or SIGN IN to your google classroom account through your Gmail account. And then you create your class here and after adding your students, you can start your class.

How to Create a Class in Google Classroom.

On Google classroom app or Google Classroom website, google meet classroom
it is very easy to create any kind of class. So let’s know how you can create your own class.

  • First of all, as we have also mentioned above, you have to login to the account of your google classroom.
  • Now you will see a plus symbol in the right side upwards. Which will be next to your profile picture. You have to click on it.
  • Now you will have two options, pop up in front of which one is of join class and the other is of create class, then you have to click on create class here.
  • Now the terms and conditions page will open in front of you, here you have to check mark on agree and press continue button.
  • Now in the next step you have to write the name of your class, write the section, write the subject and put the number of students in the room option. The more students will join your class.
  • Now your class room will be created and you can share any update, notification status in your stream option here.

How to join Student’s Google Classroom.

It is very easy to add any student to Google classroom. In this, you can add your students in two ways. Which is very simple, so let’s know.

  • When you have created your classroom, then your second task will be to add students to your class so that you can teach them.
  • You can get your students to join their class in two ways. The first of which is via class code.
  • When you enter the classroom, then you will see the class code above your class name itself.
  • You can share this code with your students and ask them to be added. And if you think that a student can share that code with a wrong person, then you can also disable the class code.
  • Another way is through email, you can invite your students by entering their email id. Which is a very time consuming process if you have more students in your class.

How to add tasks like Assignment, Questions & Answers in Google Classroom.

Adding assignments and assignments like questions, quiz is very easy task for student’s in Google classroom, so let’s know how you can add tasks.

1. If you want to post a question task, or assignment task for your students. So you have to click on the classwork option first.

2. Now here you have to click on the create button. Which will be left side up.
After clicking, many options will come to you, such as assignment, quiz assignment, question, material, then whatever kind of task you have to give, you can select and post it.

3. For example, suppose you have to post an assignment task here. So you have to click on the option with assignment.

4. Now the new page will be open, here you have to enter the details related to the assignment. Such as Title, instructions so that the students know how and on which topic to make the assignment.

5. Now if you want to add related to any file or link assignment, then you can do that too by going to the option with Add.

6. Now in the right side, you have to fill all the details. For example, this assignment is for everyone or for any student, how many points are there. What is the due date of the project. And what is the topic.

7. After doing all the things, you can post the assignment by clicking on the assign button on the top right side or you can also schedule.

8. When you add any new task, then its notification will be immediately found in your students’ Gmail account.

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Benefits of Google Classroom – Benefits of Google Classroom

  1. Through this, teachers can give online homework to their students. And you can check it too.
  2. It saves time.
  3. Google automatically sends the summery of the students to their parents via mail. So through this, parents can know the educational status of their children.
  4. Records and project files of everything can be easily stored.